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We try to do our best to help you find the perfect product you need. Please read the following steps, illustrated with Filofax products. All other products can be selected the same way.

We wish you a pleasant time browsing our site.

We request our dear foreign customers to familiarize themselves with any local or region-specific custom conditions before placing an order. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Global Office Solutions cannot be aware of and thus does not accept responsibility for any additional custom fees, costs, or resulting complications due to the specific local custom circumstances.

Main menu

You can select the main topics and product categories on the main menu. You can also search by product name, code, colours and size in the search panel. Press Contact to find Contact details.


1.a. Sub-menu / Sub-category

If you click on the category on the main menu you can find a summary of the main product sub-categories with an image and a short description. Click on the image to display the products in the sub-category.


1.b. Menu

If you place the mouse on the main menu, you can click any of the sub-categories on the window of the menu, which takes you directly to the products in the sub-category.


2. Chosing the product, filters

In the subcategory you can apply further filters to highlight only the products you are interested in. By placing the mouse above the grey filter areas, you can select the different filter conditions from the pop-up window by ticking or unticking the checkboxes. The result will be shown on the screen. You can remove the filters by clicking the (X) button one by one or you can remove all the filters in one click with the "Remove all filters" button, or read important information on the Info line and sort the selection by name and price in ascending and descending order. Click on the product to go the the product page.


3. Product page

You can read relevant information about the product on this page. The Info line elements also offer further help. Placing the mouse over the big image on the left, you can further enlarge it and view all product details. Under this image you can find more images about the product or view the product in 3D or check the similar products. By clicking on the content tabs you can read all information, specifications or watch the product video if available. You can also select the different colours / types of the product and change to a different size if you wish. The Size guide gives you detailed information about the available sizes. Related products are often on the bottom-right side of the page. Click the cart to put the product into your shopping basket.  Please note that the filters above the product name also function to help you quickly select similar products.

We wish you a pleasant purchase on our site!