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Time-management II.


"Calendars are packed with even more useful sections than the actual calendar part, they offer numerous other functions which aid our goal of realizing optimal time-management.."


Time-management  I.


"In starting this series, our aim is to gather and list those methods which are an integral part of time-management and are a part of every Filofax products and diaries, and can also be found included in every electronic device."

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In focus: Filofax Original Special Edition 2015 (Union Jack)


"The authentic style of Filofax is recognisable on first sight when looking at The Original filofaxes."

Techfly: Filofax Notebook hands-on review

"So I was quite happy to see the new range of super-colourful Filofax Notebooks for Spring..."


Spots and flecks are still stylish

It's time to take another venture out into the world of blogs to visit the article by's blog to read the details of why flecks and dotted textures on dresses, clothes and other accessories are immortal in the fashion world...


In focus: Filofax Original Monochrome

2015. 01. 15
Our second product to be reviewed is The Original Monochrome.


Limited editions from Filofax

2015. 01. 06.
Filofax is a constantly evolving brand and so are the latest products which vary each year. Unique designs, varied textures and exciting colours: these are the hallmarks of new every new Filofax product


About us: Feedback I.

2014. 11. 14.
We have recieved much positive feedback this year concerning our products, we would like to share one of these with you.


Here's Why Writing Things Out By Hand Makes You Smarter

2014. 11. 14.
Typing is fast. Handwriting is slow. Weirdly, that’s precisely why handwriting is better suited to learning.


Myfilofax on Pinterest

2014. 12. 09.
Everything is in one place here, pictures of full-size Filofaxes, lifestyle images and of course all our other products will be included in the future as well.


The history of Filofax

The first Filofax product was made in 1921. Today, Filofax is the common name for all ring-bound personal organisers. This fact itself shows the strength of the brand. Filofax is a time management and organiser tool in your hand. A flexible approach to staying organised – a Filofax personal organiser is as individual as you are.


A hatékony időgazdálkodásról (Interjú - BeOrganic magazin) (Hungarian)

A jobb időgazdálkodás az életünk irányítását jelenti. Életünk irányítása pedig azt, hogy irányítjuk a minket érintő események menetét és befolyásoljuk azok eredményét. Végső soron tehát azt mondhatom, hogy az időgazdálkodással beprogramozzuk a sikert.

Global Office Solutions introduction article (Hungarian)

Global Office Solutions was created based on our previous years' experience and professional connections, to serve our clients as the global source of office supplies. Our colleagues have more than 100 combined years of experience. Whatever your business area, our expertise is your guarantee for the perfect solution for your every need.

Our customers' opinions

"My order has arrived yesterday and I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful Filofax planners. I want to let you know that I am a very happy customer. I will make my Filofax purchases from you from now on because of the great experience. The customer service was excellent, helpful, and friendly. "